The Reconnection

Reconnective Healing is focused on restoring optimum health and well-being. There is another process, called The Reconnection, which is designed to set you on your life path, and to accelerate your evolution on that path. Where Reconnective Healing is free-form, playing with the energy field, The Reconnection is a precise connection or concentration of light and energy on specific points on the body, which installs or activates a new meridian system which connects to the energy of the earth and the heavens, or Higher Intelligence or God or Love. This is a once in a lifetime experience (once you are connected, you will never need to re-do it).  It is done in two sessions, at least one day apart, and the cost is $333 including both sessions. Please allow two hours for each session.

I would like to share my own experience with The Reconnection, which happened two months after the death of my dear husband Tom:

I lay on a massage table and closed my eyes, and she said we wouldn’t talk during the session, but I could tell her anything I wished about it afterward. Her hands never touched me, but I could feel her, and feel the energy from her hands and all kinds of sensations in my body. It was different from any kind of energy/bodywork I’ve ever experienced. I went into an altered state almost immediately, extremely relaxed, and then Tom showed up. I could feel him by my right shoulder, and there was light there, too.  Instant recognition. Tears of joy. Love for him and from him, so much beyond sentiment, beyond earthly love. Pure energy, strength, presence. (I will never forget that sense of who he is now!)

There were interesting physical and visual sensations, feelings of energy flow, right side of my throat opening up, and then the really euphoric part was a feeling of expansion, of no more physical boundaries of a body, just expanding, getting bigger and bigger, and lighter. Wow, that felt good. BIG smile. And then – “Maybe this is how Tom felt when he died.” Peace. Happy with him. Not afraid for me to die anymore, either.

After that I felt like I was dancing, or I was imagining dancing. My spirit was dancing, Irish jigs, and fun stuff like that.

There was also the reassuring certainty that I could return to this place of consciousness anytime. That was really nice.

This was just part of what happened on the first day. On the second day I received specific instructions on how to deal with some challenging situations in my life at that time.

Everyone’s experience of  The Reconnection is unique, which again points to the fact that results are determined by individual need. It is good to come to your session with an attitude of expecting to have a good experience, without specific expectations. Then you are open to receive all that can come to you.

The Reconnection changed my life, and has continued to expand and unfold in delightful ways.

I invite you to experience the Peace, Love, Joy and Wholeness of Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection, and awaken your own healing potential!

For more information, call me, Martha Robinson, RMT at (902) 393-1322

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