It’s Time to Come Home

Every now and then during my training with Dr. Eric Pearl, he would say these words: “It’s time to come home”. It always made me smile – that feeling of home is so dear to my heart – and it means something different in this context than just the place I live. It’s where I lived before I was born, and the place I’ll return to when I die, and it’s a place inside me right now, in this life, in this moment.

We use all kinds of words to describe this sense of home. We call it God, Universal Intelligence, Divine Love, Oneness, Truth, and many other names…you can supply your own. I like calling it Home. It’s where I belong.

If you are just beginning to explore Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection, you may be wondering “What are we reconnecting?” My best answer, in a nutshell, is this: we are reconnecting with Home.

This sense of Home may be something you have never consciously experienced, or it may be so covered up with stress that you’ve forgotten. But when you get there, you’ll know it.

And if you feel something calling you, then you know… it’s time to come home.